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CISW 370 - Designing Accessible Sites
Jeannie M.

The Evaluation of Website Accessibility According to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

One More Lesbian Website Evaluation

One More Lesbian is a lesbian media website that hosts videos related to the lesbian community. The videos on the site are vlogs, shorts, music videos, film snippets, trailers, and the like. For this site, I used a web accessility checker listed on called AChecker. I will use the 4 guidelines to evaluate the accessibility of the website.

I. Perceivable

I used Access Keys and WebAIM to check the color contrast. The color contrast for the navigation bar failed using both color contrast tools.

Also, the images on the page failed to use alt text for images. One example would be the social media widgets on the menu bar shown below.

This would be difficult for someone who is blind or has vision impairments.

One More Lesbian Navigation Bar

II. Operable

The use of navigating through the content using the keyboard is non-existent. The only places I could tab to are the search bars. This is not accessible for someone who is unable to use the mouse.

III. Understandable

Since this website is very minimal and is used to maintain videos, the navigation is fairly easy to navigation. Things are placed in a way that is understandable to the user. The navigation is on top, the search bar is at top right corner, the logo is at the top left corner, footer at the bottom, and the main content is center page between the header and footer, which is how most other websites have their layouts.

IV. Robust

I do not believe this website is robust enough for assistive technologies. There are many scripting errors, empty label fields, image elements missing alt text, and it is not keyboard accessible. I did look at the code and found a Skip to Toolbar anchor. I inspected the element, and noticed that it was for the Wordpress bar at the top of the page, which is not a part of the main website itself.

The majority of the testing was done on the home page, which is the entry point for any website, so I thought it was best to evaluate this page first. On another side of things, I tested another page on One More Lesbian and notice that there were no errors. I was a bit stumped at this, but the page is much more minimal than the main page, as the latter has much more going on. Also, the color contrast passed using the color contrasting tool. This was a bit peculiar as it uses the same color scheme.

The real way to find out if a website is accessible is to try it out using assistive technology tools and human evaluation. Someone who is experienced in using the tool would probably be able to shed more light on the evaluation.