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CISW 370 - Designing Accessible Sites
Jeannie M.

Final Project


This site is informational and for people looking for something to do in California.

Purpose of Site

The purpose of the site is to provide a list of different festivals/events happening in California. The festivals will be categorized by type of festival, location, and date. The events are music festivals, food festivals, film festivals, craft beer festivals, and many others.

Home Page

The home page is the introduction to the site stating what it is about.

Home Page Wireframe

Content Page

This is one of the many content pages. This page has the list of events with the upcoming events at the top. Each type of festival/event will have it's own page. This page will be using a tabular structure for the listings.

Content Page Wireframe

Contact Page

This is the basic content page for anyone who would like to know more information or know of an event that they would like to see posted. This would also show ways to contact us. This page will have a form that can be submitted.

Contact Page Wireframe

Theme and Branding

I will be using a black and white color scheme with maybe a touch of color. The reason is to keep the eyes focused on the content. The design is based on the content. I will be using some images from Google, which will be referenced. I may also be using Photoshop to manipulate images.